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The Guild Wiki aims to provide raw, honest opinion on the student experience at Murdoch University. As a wiki, anyone can edit any aspect of any page (except this one) to include information and feedback that they feel is important. At the moment we're focusing on building the database of feedback on units and clubs but if people want to start branching out to create pages for staff or textbooks or places around campus absolutely go for it.

Hero of the Now

The person who found and deleted the subtle advertising

Some clown snuck past the filters we setup to stop Russian spambots to advertise one of those private TAFE degree mills that cons vulnerable people out of their money and gets government funding for the privilege. Anyway, someone else noticed this treachery and deleted the page. An admin has restored the affected page EGL106 back to it's former glory and will now write an FAQ to help would-be heroes do the same.

Exam times means feedback time!

Forget unit surveys, no one even reads those. If you want people to KNOW about how great/shit a unit it. Write about it here.

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